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SPPS jobs:

To get a job in SPPS (Saint Paul Public Schools), follow these steps:

1. Research the Positions:

Explore the SPPS website or job portals to identify available positions. Determine the roles that align with your skills, experience, and interests.

2. Tailor Your Resume:

Customize your resume to highlight relevant experiences, certifications, and educational qualifications that match the job requirements.

3. Craft a Compelling Cover Letter:

Write a cover letter expressing your passion for education, your alignment with SPPS’s mission, and how your skills can contribute to their goals.

4. Apply Online:

Submit your application through the SPPS careers portal or the designated application process, ensuring all required documents are included.

5. Prepare for Interviews:

If shortlisted, prepare for interviews by researching the district, practicing common interview questions, and showcasing your enthusiasm for contributing to SPPS.

6. Networking:

Connect with current SPPS employees or educators to gain insights into the culture, job roles, and potential opportunities within the district.

20 of the best SPPS jobs

Here are 20 of the best SPPS jobs:

1. Teacher

Educators who instruct and guide students in various subjects and grade levels, fostering academic growth and personal development.

2. School Counselor

Providing guidance, support, and counseling to students, addressing academic, social, and emotional concerns.

3. Special Education Teacher

Working with students with diverse learning needs, designing individualized education plans and providing tailored support.

4. School Principal

Overseeing the administration, curriculum, and overall functioning of a school, ensuring a conducive learning environment.

5. School Nurse

Providing healthcare services to students, managing health-related concerns, and promoting wellness within the school community.

6. Speech-Language Pathologist

Assessing, diagnosing, and treating communication and speech disorders in students, facilitating effective communication skills.

7. School Psychologist

Offering psychological support, conducting assessments, and providing interventions to address students’ social and emotional needs.

8. Librarian/Media Specialist

Managing the school library, promoting literacy, and assisting students and staff with research and information retrieval.

9. Instructional Coach

Supporting teachers in implementing effective instructional strategies, offering professional development, and enhancing teaching practices.

10. Behavior Specialist

Developing and implementing behavior management plans, supporting students in developing positive behaviors and social skills.

11. ESL Teacher

Teaching English as a Second Language to students with diverse linguistic backgrounds, facilitating language acquisition and proficiency.

12. Occupational Therapist

Assisting students in developing fine motor skills, sensory integration, and independence in daily activities.

13. Physical Therapist

Helping students with physical disabilities or impairments to improve mobility, strength, and functional abilities.

14. School Social Worker

Addressing social and emotional issues impacting students’ learning, collaborating with families and communities to provide support.

15. Afterschool Program Coordinator

Organizing and supervising extracurricular activities, providing a safe and enriching environment for students after school hours.

16. Math Coach

Supporting teachers in developing effective math instruction, fostering mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills.

17. Technology Integration Specialist

Assisting educators in integrating technology into the curriculum, enhancing learning experiences for students.

18. Music/Art Teacher

Teaching music or art to students, fostering creativity, expression, and appreciation for the arts.

19. Career and College Readiness Coordinator

Guiding students in exploring career options, facilitating college applications, and organizing career-focused events.

20. School Nutritionist

Managing school meal programs, ensuring nutritional standards, and promoting healthy eating habits among students.


These roles encompass a diverse range of positions within SPPS, catering to various aspects of education, student support, and school administration.

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